Friday, March 16, 2012

Play dough

Play dough

1 C. Flour
1/2 C. Salt
1 T. cream of tartar
1 T. cooking oil
1 C. Water

Food coloring of your choice.

Add all dry ingredients to your sauce pan. Stir well. Add oil, and water. Stir together before turning on your heat. Heat over medium heat, stirring CONSTANTLY. Once the play dough pulls away from the sides of the pan and all the wet parts look dry, you can dump it out on the counter. Knead it into a soft ball. Let cool and enjoy. :)

Tips: When adding a color, just put the food coloring in your cup of water, and stir in at the same time time. This ensures a nice even color (and no mess on your hands). You can also add fun things to your play dough. Like glitter. Just add it to your dry ingredients.

Seal in an airtight container.

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