Friday, March 2, 2012

New School Zone Set Up

I finally got our calendar from Oriental Trading. I also made our "calendar time" board, and bought some new shelves from a yard sale. I like the finished look of everything.

 Our new ABC floor puzzle

 I love these new shelves. They are pretty tall. I like that I can put all the "Calendar Time" stuff on the top and the kids can't reach it. I can also putting Sparkle's Tot Trays on the next shelf down and Buddy can't reach those. The bottom two shelves have Buddy's trays, and free toys. 

 The smaller white shelving unit. It has a tot tray and then free toys. The calendar is hanging over it. 

 The "Calendar Time" board I made.  We sing the songs each morning, and she sticks the corresponding card in it's spot. 

 Sparkle's new cork board, for her weekly work. 

The cups with all the calendar cards in them. 

I am hoping this set up with help us move through our morning more efficiently. So far so good. :)

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