Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"School" area

So, once I got all of these great ideas, I had to figure out how to organize it and display it. So after lots of blog reading, and tons of thinking, I finally got some of it figured out. Good thing too, because my husband is getting tired of all the research. I took a corner of our living room (which already had the toys in it) and transformed it. With lots of help from both kids, I think I'm done for the night.

I didn't think to take a true before picture. This is after I moved the chalk board table onto the other wall, pulled the white cube shelves out the kids' room, and brought in the clear drawers from my room. You can still see the mess of toys all over, and my "helpers". 

The kids loved playing with everything as I was putting it all away. Here's some pictures of what they were doing, while I was at work. 

Little Guy there, discovered that he can drink from Big Girls' straw sippy. Here he is trying to sneak it when she is not looking! 

 Big Girl was counting all her markers. She can go all the way to 10 without any help. 

I love his little toohy grin!
 Little Guy found the blocks on the shelf. 

 What a goof ball!

 I love her concentration as she pushes the pipe cleaner through the holes. She really likes this game.

 He got in on the fun too. 

 Making it into a hat. 

 "See Mom!!!"

 The finished set up. 

The green buffet has art supplies in it. The monthly sensory bin will go on the top of it. They do not have one for this month. We will start them next month.

 Books, tot tray, and learning toys.

 Inside the buffet.

School shelf on the big bookcase. 

I'm hoping that this set up will help things to run a little smoother. My next task is to do the kids' bedroom. Although they do most of their playing in the living room, I want to encourage them to play in the room more. I'll take before pictures, and show it all in another post. 

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  1. I think you did a great job. I don't even have the room to do something like that if I wanted to. I also don't have all the supplies I need. Gotta wait until we can afford them over time. What's a sensory bin?