Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sort of an off week for us

We didn't do really any schooling this past week. Daddy was home with a knee injury all week, and it kind of threw the whole week off. I did take some pictures that I will share. Since we didn't really cover any of our "B" stuff, we will be repeating the letter again this week.

 I gave the kids a bubble bath with vapor bath. Little Guy was loving all of the bubbles!

 This girl LOVES her stickers!

 Wearing a visor upside down pushing a toy shopping cart! 

 They both liked playing with their basket of bugs. 

 Some of the school pictures we got. This is the only time she opened her book all week.
Digging for bugs.

 I've been teaching her how to smile with her teeth. She has such a sweet smile!

 My sweet boy! He is such a camera hog! He loves for me to take his picture.

 On one of Daddy's days at home, he was sitting and reading his nursing book. She crawled up into his lap and was asking about everything. Every time he told her something, her reply was, "Oh, I see."

 The Girl had an apple, and he found it. He gnawed on the apple all evening. By the time he was done, it was over half gone!

 I pulled out our very first sensory bin this week. The kids LOVED it! I didn't get too many pictures of the different things they were doing, but this gives you an idea of all the mess! :)

 We were fortunate to get a little outside time this week. He promptly sat down and "washed" the rocks! 

 More sensory bin time. 

 Little Guy is on a nebulizer right now. The girl loves to wear the mask at a hat! 

Working out with Daddy!

Reading her books.

My favorite picture! SPAGHETTI!!!!

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