Friday, February 3, 2012

A Day With Granny and G-pa

I'm a little late in getting this post up. We went over for our weekly lunch with Granny and G-pa. The kids always have so much fun while we are over there. My grandparents each have their own little thing that they say to the kids. The Girl is starting to pick up on them. She tells G-pa, "I want a smack!" (A kiss) And every time Granny hugs her, she gives a little shake and tells her, "I'm gonna shake your buttermilk." When The Girl heard we were going over there, she says, "Gonna see Granny, she gonna shake my buttermilk!"

Getting ready to eat spaghetti. 

He's going to have spaghetti too. 

He was so excited to drag that cane through the house with him while he crawled.

Playing in Granny's cabinets. 

Lately my grandpa has been working with me to make my children some beautiful wooden toys. I have all of these ideas, and we have been making something, just about every week while I am there. Be looking for blog posts when they are finished. On this particular project The Girl wanted to color too. 

She loves to go into the garage and look around. "I'm finding something." She will say. Here she is working on the tractor with the tire iron she found. 

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