Monday, February 6, 2012

A Week in Review

We had a really busy week. The Girl is really enjoying her schooling.She played with her valentine's sensory bin a lot. It is definitely a HUGE hit around here. I'm really looking forward to putting together some other ones for them to play with. She did really well with her school book this week.

 A shot of all her pages. You can see in the firs tone that she did really well drawing the small "b". She's also doing great with her line drawing. :)

 I finally brought out the stamps that I got awhile back. She doesn't quite understand that she has to keep the stamp flat for the letter to fully show, but she really likes to try. Oh and she used her heart crayons again. BIG HIT!

 She wanted me to help her draw a "B". So I held her hand and we drew two together. Then she kept drawing the lines over and over. She's getting pretty good at them. 

 Gluing buttons to a letter "B". I saw a post where the mom put the glue in a small paper cup and gave the child a Q-tip to dab the glue with. It worked perfect. Now she can do the whole thing by herself.

 One day at nap time I got some one on one time with my sweet boy. We played with the blocks for quite awhile. He thought ti was so much fun to knock over my tower. Of course he also loves to hit the together. 

 My cousin was over one evening. My kids adore her! She sat on the floor and helped them put together the Melissa and Doug ABC floor puzzle that we just got. Of the Little Guy just liked to take it apart. It was fun to watch her try and race him and see if she could put the whole thing together before he could start taking it apart. She never did succeed in that. 

 Story time. The kids love to be read to. 

The many fashions of my daughter!
 See the bandaid hanging off her leg?

 Gotta love the baby legs!

 Fun at a friend's 1st birthday party. 

 He just slept through most of it!

Every Saturday we have been taking the kids to the library. It gives me a chance to get the new books for the next school week, and the kids get to play. We have an awesome new vision center for visually impaired children. It also has a ton of great learning puzzles and games. The Girl loves to sit at a table with Daddy and work the puzzles. 

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