Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring eggs

I set up the stuff last night, so that we could do our spring eggs this morning. Our family doesn't do the traditional Easter stuff that the world does. We celebrate Resurrection Sunday and the Rising of our Lord Jesus Christ, for our salvation. However, I still enjoy the fun things that offered around this time of the year. We choose to call them Spring things, instead of Easter, and do them either week before, or the week after.

I was asking Sparkle the other day why we colored eggs. She wasn't able to tell me a reason. I didn't think she would have one, being only 2.5, but it's always fun to ask anyways to see what she will come up with. Here is my explanation, if you would like to use something like it while coloring eggs with your children. And it's not going to be word for word what I actually said, (because I don't remember), but it will give you an idea.

I talked about how all winter long everything is, dark, and grey, and brown. There are no leaves, or pretty flowers. All the pretty birds and bugs are sleeping. But then Spring comes, and all the colors come back out. The grass grows, and the tress have leaves again. The butterflies, bugs and birds are outside again. So we take the white boring eggs, and make them colorful like Spring.

She really enjoyed doing the eggs this year. This year, we just used store bought dye. Next year, we are planning on using natural dye.

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