Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Sensory Bins

I think this in my favorite set of bins so far. My idea was to make two bins, one for each child. One more messy for my older tot, and one filled with safer things for younger tot. Little did I know that they would have their own plans, and actually prefer to play with the other persons bin.

What's in the bins?
  • Easter grass
  • rainbow slinky
  • plastic eggs
  • cookie cutters
  • small baskets
  • small pink cups with flower base
  • paper eggs cut from paint chips
  • bendable bunnies
  • a wind up chick
  • wind up car
  • pastel pom poms
  • pastel rainbow rice

 He loved the grass

 But loved the rice a whole lot more. 

They really enjoy them and ask to play with them several times.

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